2021: Thailand KÜNSTLERTEAM (THAILAND 2021): YunYoung Kim (Korea), Huiying Ng (Singapur), Maria Kazvan (Ukraine), Wilawan Wiangthong (Thailand), Bussaraporn Thongchai (Thailand), Celia Stroom (Frankreich), Diane Barbé (Frankreich), Kamonlak Sukchai (Thailand), Ekaterine Makhatadze (Georgien), Theeprachan Chaichana (Thailand), Jomtian Jansomrag (Thailand).  | Produktionsleitung: Bussaraporn Thongchai und Diane Barbé | Künstlerische Leitung: Celia Stroom

1| Non verbal, Non Gendered bodies
imagined by Celia Stroom.
A team of non binary Beings welcome the audience in a vocal, sculptural, photographic and video installation. Only the body speaks. No words. No gender.
> Installations fixed on bodies : collective artwork
> Series of 40 photographs: Theeprachan Chaichana
> Polyphonic composition: collective artwork
> Video Installation : Maria Kazvan, Wilawan Wiangthong, Celia Stroom.

2| Room of one's own
imagined by YunYoung Kim, Wilawan Wiangthong,  Kamonlak Suckchai.
5 women invite the audience to enter their bedroom. The space where they hide themselves from family and societal oppression.
​> Textile installation: collective artwork 
> Performances - YunYoung Kim, Celia Stroom, Wilawan Wiangthong, Huiying Ng,  Kamonlak Suckchai.
> Perfume of menstruation: Quentin Bisch
3| Political disagreements
imagined by Bussaraporn Thongchai.
We switch from the mystical poetry of the first 2 rooms to break the Silence about political issues that affect our self development. 5 women are interacting, arguing, exposing their intimate stories tracing the invasion of physical and psychological spaces.
> Soundscape composition: Diane Barbé
> Body painting Performance : Jomtian Jansomrag, Bussaraporn Thongchai, Maria Kazvan, Wilawan Wiangthong, Huiying Ng.
> Textile map: Collective artwork
4|  Nariphon Tree ritual
imagined by Diane Barbé, Ekatarine Makhatadze and Huiying Ng..
We learn from each other how to find ways to heal, through silent activities as the exhibition moves into the last room, gathered under a Nariphon tree in Isaan.
Installation: Collective artwork
Sculptures: Collective artwork
Polyphonic composition : Celia Stroom, interpreted by all the group.
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